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Workplace Drug Testing in the Hotel IndustryMost businesses, mainly hotels use a series of pre-employment screenings to hire the best employees. Several reports indicate that the hotel industry has the highest rate of use of illicit drugs and heavy alcohol use by employees. Having a healthy and drug-free workplace can minimize a hotel’s legal risk while strengthening the overall profitability of the company. And so, a sound workplace drug testing program should be in place for those applying for this kind of job. Workplace drug testing in the hotel industry ensures a drug-safe work environment. Committed to making drug testing convenient, effective, and more affordable, Block Scientific, an established lab equipment supplier based in New York offers FDA-approved QuikScreen drug test cups that facilitate on-site drug testing within just 5 minutes.

Made completely in the USA, this CLIA-waived test cup can detect a wide range of drugs including Amphetamine, Cocaine, Opiates, Tri-cyclic Antidepressant, Propoxyphene and Methamphetamine in urine samples.

Point-of-Care Drug Test Cups

for Hotel/Motel Industry

Unlike other on-site tests, QuikScreen® does not require any handling or manipulation to activate the test. QuikScreen® is the easy-to-use urinalysis drug test that detects drugs and drug metabolites at SAMHSA cutoff levels. Custom configurations are available based on specific testing requirements:

With an 18-24 months shelf life, each cup includes a temperature strip and an identification label. These leak-free cups allow for positive specimen to be shipped in the same container to a laboratory for GC/MS confirmation.

Simple Three Steps Test Procedure

  • Urinate into the cup, filling the cup with urine above the minimum level line
  • Wait for 5 minutes
  • Read the results (Do not interpret results after 30 minutes)

Ensure a Safe and Productive Workplace!

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