West Nile IgG ELISA, 96 Wells

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West Nile IgG ELISA, 96 Wells

Manufacturer: DRG International Inc.
Model: West Nile IgG ELISA, 96 wells
Product Code: EIA4519

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IgG Elisa

– Sandwich-Type Immunoassay

The DRG West Nile IgG ELISA consists of one enzymatically amplified “two-step” sandwich-type immunoassays. It is an ELISA assay system for the detection of antibodies in human serum to WNV derived recombinant antigen (WNRA) (1-3). This test is to aid in the determination of human exposure to the West Nile Virus.

Test Principle

In this assay, the microtitration wells are incubated with standards, controls or unknown serum samples. The serum samples may be directly mixed with sample dilution buffer added in the wells (also see note below). After washing, the wells are treated with an antibody specific for human IgG and labeled with the enzyme horseradish peroxidase (HRP). After a second incubation and washing step, the wells are incubated with the tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) substrate.

Note: Depending on the strength of antibody response, sera can be diluted in a diluent provided in the kit.

An acidic stopping solution is then added and the degree of enzymatic turnover of the substrate is determined by absorbance measurement at 450 nanometers. Above a certain threshold, the ratio of the absorbances of the WNRA and the control wells accurately determines whether antibodies to WNV are present. A set of positive and negative samples is provided as internal controls in order to monitor the integrity of the kit components.


  • Materials Supplied – Sample Dilution Buffer for IgG, Coated Microtiter Strips
    for WN Human IgG, WN IgG Positive Control, Ready to Use Enzyme Conjugate-HRP for WN IgG, WN IgG Negative Control, Ready to Use Enzyme Conjugate-HRP for WN IgG, En Wash, 10X Wash Buffer, Liquid TMB Substrate, En Wash, Stop Solution
  • Storage – The West Nile IgG ELISA contains sufficient reagents for one plate of 96 wells (12 x 8 strips) each.

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