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VistaLab Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company with manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Brewster, NY. It started as a part of Medical Laboratory Automation, Inc in the early 1970s and focused on providing liquid handling products. In the year 1990, VistaLab became an independent entity.

Block Scientific is pleased to offer VistaLab Technologies’ comfortable and easy to use Ovation pipettes and MLA-Brand pipettes and associated accessories, maintenance parts, calibration kits, and more.

Ovation Quick Set Pipette Adjustable Volume

Ovation Quick Set Adjustable Volume pipettes with the new design revolutionizes the concept of liquid transfer by specially reducing the major stresses that cause pain and fatigue, and encourages ergonomically correct postures at every step of pipetting. In fact, Ovation is designed to keep your hand in the neutral position recommended by ergonomic experts.

Ovation Quick Set Pipette Adjustable Volume comes in different volume ranges — 0.2ul-2ul, 1ul-10ul, 2ul-20ul, 10ul-100ul, 20ul-200ul, 100ul-1000ul.

Ovation Starter Pack

Includes one 2-20µL Pipette, one 20-200µL Pipette, one 100-1000µL Pipette, an Ovation Pipette Stand, and 3 racks of Ovation tips.

Ovation Fixed Volume

Both single stroke and two stroke (overblow) models are available in a number of volume increments ranging from 1µL to 1000µL.

Electronic Single Channel Ovation Pipette

Ovation electronic single channel models are the ideal choice for anyone needing a broad menu of automated liquid handling functions. A highly-precise motor drive makes repetitive pipetting effortless, and reliably delivers the performance your applications require with uncompromising confidence.

Available volume range: 0.5-20ul, 2-125ul, 5-250ul, 25-1250ul, 100-5000ul, 0.2-10ml. Color-coded right and left-handed models are available.

Ovation Electronic Multichannel

Ovation – 8 and 12 channel is available. New ovation multi-channel models incorporate numerous productivity features to complement ergonomic advantages and boost pipetting efficiency. It is available in both right-handed and left-handed models, in different volume ranges.

MLA Precision

MLA Precision pipettes are also available in fixed volumes from 5µL to 1000µL. MLA precision pipettes are made of engineered aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and ideal for a broad range of laboratory procedures requiring precision and accuracy. Each pipette is factory calibrated for accurate volume delivery and can be easily adjusted as needed to achieve accurate performance on dense or viscous liquids.

Other Products from

VistaLab Technologies

  • MLA D-Tipper
  • MLA Micro D-Tipper
  • MLA Digital Pipette
  • MLA Macro

Associated Accessories, Maintenance Parts, Reagent Reservoirs, and Calibration Kits Offered Includes

  • MLA pipette nozzle insert
  • Seal kits
  • Seal lubricant
  • Reagent reservoir
  • Reagent reservoir lid
  • MLA pipette stand
  • Pipette extender
  • Allen wrench kit
  • Flow-through spectrophotometer test kit
  • TIP ovation
  • Nozzle removal tool


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