Greiner Bio One VACUETTE® K3 EDTA Tube 4 ml, 13 x 100 mm Case of 1200

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Greiner Bio One VACUETTE® K3 EDTA Tube. 4 ml, 13 x 100 mm Case of 1200

Manufacturer: Greiner Bio One
Model: K3 EDTA Tube 4 ml, 13 x 100 mm
Product Code: 454012

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Block Scientific’s extensive collection of Vacuette tubes features the VACUETTE® K3 EDTA Tube 4 ml, 13 x 100 mm Case of 1200. K3 EDTA tubes are used in routine immunohematology testing as well as whole blood testing in the clinical laboratory. They are also used to make cross-match tests with whole blood. All VACUETTE tubes come with CE marking.

Features of the

K3 EDTA Blood Collection Tubes

These clear tubes made of environment-friendly PET (Polyethylene Therephthalate) plastic and ensure improved safety and hygiene during specimen collection procedures. The interior of the K3 EDTA tubes are spray dried with tripotassium EDTA anticoagulants. This allows preservation of the blood sample for test analyses.

The non-ridged tubes offer easy, automatic pull opening. The color-coded ring on the exterior of the quick-pull cap indicates the draw volume and facilitates visual identification of tubes.


  • Quantity: Rack 50 / Case 1200
  • Cap Color / Ring Color: Pink / Black
  • Draw Volume: 4.0 ml
  • Tube Size: 13 x 100mm
  • Indication: Routine Immunohematology Testing

Awareness of the preanalytical variables and their impact on hematology testing ensures consistently accurate results. These blood collection tubes minimize the chances of preanalytical errors, ensuring optimal patient care and efficiency in lab operations.

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