Greiner Bio One VACUETTE® K3 EDTA Tube 4 ml, 13 x 75 mm Case of 1200

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Greiner Bio One VACUETTE® K3 EDTA Tube. 4 ml, 13 x 75 mm Case of 1200

Manufacturer: Greiner Bio One
Model: K3 EDTA Tube 4 ml, 13 x 75 mm
Product Code: 454021

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Block Scientific, a worldwide laboratory equipment supplier in New York, offers premium quality blood collection systems and accessories. The VACUETTE® K3 EDTA Tube 4 ml, 13 x 75 mm Case of 1200 is mainly used for testing parameters in routine immunohematology such as red cell grouping, Rh typing and antibody screens. These tubes enable the collection, processing and transport of undiluted plasma specimens in a closed evacuated system.

VACUETTE® K3 EDTA Blood Collection System


  • Interior spray dried with EDTA: The special salt coating of the interior inhibits coagulation and preserves the blood cells for test analyses
  • Non-ridged pull caps: The tube allows automatic de-capping with a quick pull movement
  • Color-coded ring: Color-code ring on the exterior of safety pull caps indicates the draw volume
  • Black ring indicates standard tubes
  • Tube material: This blood collection tube is made of virtually unbreakable, environment-friendly PET (Polyethylene Therephthalate) plastic


  • Draw Volume: 4.0 ml
  • Tube Size: 13 x 75mm
  • Tube Material: Polyethylene Therephthalate
  • Quantity: Rack 50 / Case 1200
  • Cap Color / Ring Color: Lavender / Black
  • CE Mark: Yes
  • Indication: Routine Immunohematology Testing

The user-friendly VACUETTE® System with pre-measured impresses with its simplicity and allows am defined quantity of blood to be collected without the need for further handling. It offers improved safety and hygiene during blood specimen collection.

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