Greiner Bio One VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube 6 ml, 13 x 100 mm Case of 1200

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Greiner Bio One VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube. 6 ml, 13 x 100 mm. Case of 1200

Manufacturer: Greiner Bio One
Model: K2 EDTA Tube 6 ml, 13 x 100 mm
Product Code: 456002

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Block Scientific, an established lab equipment supplier based in U.S. has an extensive collection of premium quality products. Its collection of blood collection systems include the VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube 6 ml, 13 x 100 mm case of 1200. These EDTA tubes are mainly used in routine immunohematology testing.

The interior wall of this tube is filled with EDTA anti-coagulant which restricts the clotting process by eliminating calcium from the blood. This ensures preservation of the blood cells for hematology use. The clear blood collection tubes feature grey non-ridged pull caps with an exterior color-coded ring that indicates draw volume.

Specifications of this

Blood Collection Tube

  • Draw Volume: 6.0 ml
  • Tube Size: 13 x 100mm
  • Tube Material: Polyethylene Therephthalate
  • Quantity: Rack 50 / Case 1200
  • Cap Color / Ring Color: Lavender / Black (standard tubes)
  • CE Mark: Yes

These evacuated blood collection systems combines the advantages of vacuum technology, offering patient and provider safety. They are compatible with all common analyzer systems.

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