Greiner Bio One VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube 4 ml, 13 x 75 mm Case of 1200

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Greiner Bio One VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube. 4 ml, 13 x 75 mm. Case of 1200

Manufacturer: Greiner Bio One
Model: K2 EDTA Tube 4 ml, 13 x 75 mm
Product Code: 454208

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Based in New York, Block Scientific is an established lab equipment supplier providing a wide range of lab equipment from leading industry brands. Our inventory of blood collection tubes includes the VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube 4 ml, 13 x 75 mm Case of 1200. This system finds extensive use in the examination of whole blood in hematology applications.

Additives coated to the interior wall of the tube ensure fast mixing of blood and thereby enhances the anticoagulation effects. The K2 EDTA anticoagulant offers comprehensive protection for the blood cells, protecting the platelets and retaining the form and volume of the cells for a long time.

General Features of the

VACUETTE Blood Collection Tube

  • Disposable, non-toxic and pyrogen free
  • Made of virtually unbreakable PET plastic
  • Transparent safety non-ridge pull cap that avoids contamination
  • Color-coded rings as per international color coding standards for easy identification


  • Draw Volume: 4.0 ml
  • Tube Size: 13 x 75mm
  • Tube Material: Polyethylene Therephthalate
  • Quantity: Rack 50 / Case 1200
  • Cap Color / Ring Color: Pink / Black
  • CE Mark: Yes
  • Indication: Routine Immunohematology Testing

Visit our online product store for more information about the VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube 4 ml, 13 x 75 mm and other K2 EDTA-Immunohematology tubes we offer. For queries, write to or call 631-589-1118.