Greiner Bio One VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube 2 ml, 13 x 75 mm Case of 1200

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Greiner Bio One VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube. 2 ml, 13 x 75 mm. Case of 1200

Manufacturer: Greiner Bio One
Model: Combo V24 Centrifuge (No Rotor)K2 EDTA Tube 2 ml, 13 x 75 mm
Product Code: 454428

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Block Scientific, a reputable lab equipment supplier in New York offers the VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube 2 ml, 13 x 75 mm Case of 1200.

K2 EDTA May Be Used For

  • routine immunohematology testing, i.e., red cell grouping, Rh typing and
    antibody screening
  • viral marker testing in screening and clinical laboratories

VACUETTE® tubes are plastic tubes with a pre-defined vacuum for exact draw volumes. The interior of the tubes is coated with EDTA (a salt of ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) which binds calcium ions and blocks the coagulation cascade. They can be used in closed mode with direct sampling analyzers.

The tubes also come with color coded safety caps. The unique safety cap is designed to minimize aerosol generation. The VACUETTE® K2 EDTA 13 x 75 mm tube has a non-ridged pull cap that can be removed with a simple pull action.

Specifications of

VACUETTE Blood Collection Tubes

  • Draw Volume: 2.0 ml
  • Tube Size: 13 x 75mm
  • Tube Material: Polyethylene Therephthalate
  • Quantity: Rack 50 / Case 1200
  • Cap Color / Ring Color: Lavender / White
  • CE Mark: Yes
  • Indication: Routine Immunohematology Testing

Along with blood collection systems, we also provide centrifuges, coagulation analyzers, co-oximeters, gamma counters, incubators, microscopes, pipettes, DNA analyzers and more.

For more information about the VACUETTE® K2 EDTA Tube 2 ml, 13 x 75 mm or other K2 EDTA-Immunohematology tubes we offer, visit our online store. Call 631-589-1118 or write to to view our entire range of lab equipment products.