S-1200-E VIS Spectrophotometer, 220V

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S-1200-E VIS Spectrophotometer, 220V

Manufacturer: Unico
Model: S-1200-E VIS Spectrophotometer
Product Code: S-1200E

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Unico S-1200E Single Beam Spectrophotometer

Unico S-1200E is a single beam, general purpose spectrophotometer, widely used for various applications in many labs such as clinical chemistry, petrochemistry, food and beverage labs, environmental protection, water and waste water labs, biochemistry labs, and other fields of quality control.

A Range of Features

Unico S-1200E model has all the specific features of the S-1200 model, including digital display of photometric result, auto zero function, solid state detector for entire wavelength range, RS-232C port built-in filters, and a dynamic range of 325-1000 nm and bandwidth of 5nm. The voltage is preset at 220V, which is its main distinguishing feature compared to the Unico S-1200 spectrophotometer.

Universal test tube holder, 10mm single square cuvette holder, a pair of optical glass cuvettes, 10mm test tube (box of 12), dust cover, and operator’s manual are also provided.

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