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s-1100e vis spectrophotometer, 220v

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unico s-1100e spectrophotometer
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if you need an economical and reliable spectrophotometer for use in your labs, then you can rely on us. as a responsible and well established medical equipment supplier in the us, block scientific offers many different types of products and supplies for lab use.

unico s-1100e with powerful features

the unico s-1100e is one of the models in our spectrophotometer category, designed for use in educational, clinical, industrial and environmental labs. in this model, the voltage is preset at 220v. the s-1100e vis spectrophotometer offers all the same great features of unico s-1100. the standard features are flexible sample compartment, maintenance-free wavelength knob with built-in metal stopper, auto zero function, easy to read display, solid state detector for entire wavelength range, and built-in filters to ease operation. the unico spectrophotometer has a dynamic range of 335-1000 nm.

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