S-1000E VIS Spectrophotometer, 220V

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S-1000E VIS Spectrophotometer, 220V

Manufacturer: Unico
Model: S-1000E VIS Spectrophotometer
Product Code: S-1000E

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Block Scientific is a reputable dealer for new and refurbished lab equipment and supplies. We are well known for providing excellent quality and durable lab products, ranging from blood gas analyzers and spectrophotometers to consumable items.

Spectrophotometers from Leading Brands

At Block Scientific, we have a range of spectrophotometers from some of the leading brands, including Unico and Perkin Elmer. The S-1000E from Unico is a product that comes in the S1000 Series spectrophotometers. It is an excellent choice for high school and college students.

Capabilities and Features

General analysis and experiments including Beer-Lambert, Chlorophyll, Absorption Spectrum, and protein (biuret test), can be performed in this instrument. All the features of the S-1000E are the same as the S1000, except one. That is, the S-1000E model’s voltage is preset at 220V. The features are dynamic range of 400-1000 nm, analog interface with external analog device, student proof positive safety stopper integrated with the wavelength dial, and large digital display. Besides, it comes complete with ½ inch round tube holder, box of 12 round tubes, and 10 mm square cuvette adapter.

If you wish to acquire more information on the Unico S-1000E spectrophotometer and other new spectrophotometers we provide, please check out our online store. You can also call 631-589-1118 or send an email to info@blockscientific.com with your queries.