Unico PowerSpin LX C856, 110V Centrifuge

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Unico PowerSpin LX C856, 110V Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Unico
Model: PowerSpin LX C856
Product Code: C856

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When you approach Block Scientific for purchasing a Unico PowerSpin LX C856, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a reliable, competent and affordable laboratory equipment dealer. We are a top notch laboratory equipment distributor committed to providing the best deals for your lab equipment needs. Whether you are going to purchase a new or refurbished and refurbished Unico PowerSpin LX C856 from Block Scientific, you are sure to experience a positive business deal.

PowerSpin LX C856 – Quiet Running Centrifuge

The Unico PowerSpin LX C856 is a robust but quiet-running centrifuge, comprising several features for a better laboratory working environment. It has a 6 or 8 place rotor for holding 2 to 10 ml tubes, a rotor chamber, timer, on/off switch, detachable power cord, easy to clean exterior, a convenient lid opening for checking strobe speeds, latching lid with safety switch and a light indicator.

The laboratory centrifuge can reach up to a speed of 4000 rpm. Able to operate at a standard 115V/60Hz input, it cleanly and completely separates the cellular components and finally yields a superior plasma specimen or serum.

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