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unico l-ttr200 tube rockers

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unico l-ttr200 tube rockers
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unico l-ttr200 rock-it™ tube rocker is a heavy duty, long lasting and silent mixer for everyday use in a laboratory. at block scientific, you can get the best deals for l-ttr200 purchase. based in new york, we are a leading company dealing in high-quality and competitively priced new and refurbished lab equipment from various top manufacturers. our product line includes chemistry analyzers, hematology analyzers, blood gas analyzers, centrifuges, coagulation analyzers, blood gas/electrolyte calibrators, electrolyte analyzers, and many more.

unico l-ttr200 for any lab setting

the unico l-ttr200 tube rocker is an economical choice for any lab setting. it is compact in size and occupies only minimum benchtop space. the unico l-ttr200 mixer features a 15 tube capacity or mix of tubes and vials; and a reversible, non-slip and autoclavable tube pad. its gentle motion at a speed of 25 rocking cycles per minute ensures uniform and thorough mixing, without causing damage to fragile blood cells.

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if you want to purchase a unico l-ttr200 rock-it™ tube rocker and other mixers/rotators/shakers for your lab application, please contact us at, or at 631-589-1118. further information on the lab equipment we offer can be had from our online store.