Unico L-TTR100 Tube Rockers

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Unico L-TTR100 Tube Rockers

Manufacturer: Unico
Model: L-TTR100 Tube Rockers
Product Code: L-TTR100

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Block Scientific is your number one source in New York when it comes to purchasing lab equipment. For your clinical, analytical, and laboratory applications, we offer only the finest selection of products with innovative capabilities.

Unico L-TTR100 Tube Rocker for Lab Applications

At Block Scientific, we have a fine selection of Unico lab products in stock, ranging from centrifuges, tube rockers, mixers, microscopes, and spectrophotometers. Unico’s L-TTR100 tube rocker is a powerful and versatile tool used for various lab applications.The Unico L-TTR100 is a heavy duty mixer, built for everyday use. Other features of L-TTR 100 Rock-IT include compact size, a speed of 25 rocking cycles per minute, capacity to hold 8 tubes or mix of tubes and vials, and reversible and autoclavable pad.

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Detailed information on the Unico L-TTR100 tube rocker and other Mixers/Rotators/Shakers we stock can be found on our online store. For further assistance contact our sales support team on phone at 631-589-1118, or by e-mail at info@blockscientific.com.