Unico 8-key Differential Counter, L-BC9

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Unico 8-key Differential Counter, L-BC9

Manufacturer: Unico
Model: Unico L-BC9
Product Code: L-BC9

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Unico L-BC9 Manual Differential Counter

Unico’s differential counters are of a very fine quality, and are widely used in clinical laboratories. A manual differential counter that features 8 keys, the Unico L-BC9 is a powerful tool that features WBC maturation series picto-strip just above the key windows.

The other features of the L-BC9 8-key manual differential counter are dual reset knobs, signal bell for counting 100 cells, and stable and wide base with rubber feet. Rustproof, acid and alkali resistant heavy duty plastic cases are an added quality. The size of the instrument is 12.3 in x 3.0 in x 2.0 in.

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Detailed specifications of the Unico L-BC9 differential counter we provide are available on our online store. Contact us for additional information on Unico L-BC9 and other new differential counters we offer for sale by e-mail at info@blockscientific.com, or on phone at 631-589-1118.