Tuberculosis IgA ELISA, 96 wells

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Tuberculosis IgA ELISA, 96 wells

Manufacturer: DRG International Inc.
Model: Tuberculosis IgA ELISA, 96 wells
Product Code: EIA4250

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Block Scientific offers Tuberculosis IgA ELISA, 96 wells as well as other kinds of infectious disease kits from the well known manufacturer – DRG International Inc. We are one of the prominent lab equipment dealers in the US, supplying brand name products from reliable manufacturers in the industry.

Tuberculosis IgA Elisa Test Kit

– Quality ELISA

The DRG Mumps Virus IgM ELISA Kit is a solid phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). It provides materials for the qualitative and semiquantitative determination of IgM-class antibodies to Mumps virus in serum.


The principle of the test reaction can be described in four stages.

    • Serum incubation

Specific antibodies bind to the antigens on the solid phase to form a stable immune complex. After a 60 minutes incubation at room temperature the wells are washed with prediluted wash buffer to remove all nonreactive serum components.

    • Conjugate incubation

The anti-human-IgG /-IgM /-IgA horseradish peroxidase conjugate is added to all wells. The conjugate binds to IgG / IgM / IgA antibodies on the solid phase antigen to form a stable sandwich. After a 30 minutes incubation at room temperature the excess conjugate is removed by washing all wells with washing buffer.

    • Substrate reaction and stopping

The TMB substrate is dispensed into each well and the peroxidase enzyme/substrate reaction forms a stable blue chromogen. The reaction and subsequently the colour development is stopped after 20 minutes incubation at room temperature by adding 0.5 M H2SO4 to the wells. The change in pH also causes the chromogen to change colour from blue to yellow.

    • Reading and interpretation

The intensity of the colour is read in a microtiter plate reader at 450 nm (recommended reference wavelength for bichromatic measurement: 600-690 nm). The intensity of the colour (OD) is directly proportional to the concentration of the specific antibody in the donor sample.


  • Kit Components – Microtiterwells, IgG Rf Sorbent***, Sample Diluent, Negative Control, Positive Control, Enzyme Conjugate, Cut-Off Control, Stop Solution, Substrate Solution, Wash Solution
  • Storage – Strips and solutions can be stored at 2 °C to 8 °C.

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