ohaus triple beam, 610g x 0.1g, stainless steel pan

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ohaus triple beam, 610g x 0.1g, stainless steel pan
  1. ohaus balances & scales
  2. 710-00

block scientific, an established laboratory equipment supplier based in the us, offers innovative models of mechanical balances for medical laboratories and research labs. we offer the triple beam, 610g x 0.1g, stainless steel pan from ohaus balances and scales. this classic mechanical balance is used primarily is classrooms for weighing solids, liquids, powders or even animals. it provides the accuracy and convenience of a top loading balance while allowing students to gain hands-on experience through manipulation of the poises and attachment weights (sold separately) as well as to visualize mass measurement principles.

triple beam, 610g x 0.1g features a three notched and tiered beams with center reading. it also includes spring loaded zero adjust compensator.

triple beam, 610g x 0.1g, mechanical balance


  • capacity – 610g
  • readability – 0.1g
  • platform – 152 mm


construction features

  • metal base and beam
  • stainless steel pan

design features

  • counterbalancing knob for quick zeroing
  • easy to read deep notched and tiered beams
  • magnetic dampening to minimize oscillation and speed weighing
  • positive poise positioning for repeatable results
  • self-aligning beam design

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for more information about the ohaus triple beam, 610g x 0.1g, stainless steel pan mechanical balance and other top models of mechanical balances we offer, call 631-589-1118 or send an email to info@blockscientific.com. to place an order, visit our online store.