Tosoh 360

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Tosoh 360

Manufacturer: Tosoh
Model: 360
Product Code: TOSOH-360

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Block Scientific is one of the most highly acclaimed laboratory equipment suppliers offering new and refurbished laboratory equipment at affordable rates. From the array of available products, you can choose the piece of equipment that suits your requirements. Tosoh 360 is a Tosoh Bioscience manufactured, fully automated, continuous random access immunoassay analyzer that offers automation powers and performance like that of a large analyzer.

Its compact size, extremely simple operation, along with its excellent features makes it an ideal choice for POLs and small hospitals, as well as for specialty testing or for use as a back-up analyzer. With a throughput of 36 tests per hour, the AIA-360 can produce its first result in approximately 19 minutes.

Tosoh 360 Immunoassay Analyzer

– Features

  • 36 tests per hour
  • First result ~ 20 minutes
  • Full ST test menu
  • Continuous processing
  • Simple touch screen operation
  • Bar-coded primary tube sampling
  • Volume
    AIA-360: <500 tests per month

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