Thermo Scientific Sorvall CW2 Plus Cell Washer

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Thermo Scientific Sorvall CW2 Plus Cell Washer

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
Model: Sorvall CW2 Plus Cell Washer
Product Code: SORVALL-CW2-PLUS

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An established lab equipment dealer based in New York, Block Scientific offers Sorvall ™ CW2 plus Cell Washer from Thermo Scientific that features precise, automated performance for blood cell washing. This reliable choice is designed to support the most common applications requiring automatic washing of donor blood. It is an advanced, easy-to-use instrument that simplifies work and reduces the time required to wash blood cells for antiglobulin reagent tests such as ABO compatibility, Rh testing, cross matching and the Coombs Procedure.

The instrument’s low-maintenance design ensures years of trouble-free use. With easy-to-read digital displays and easy-to-use touchpad controls, it ensures standardized, reproducible procedures. With a small footprint, the system fits neatly on your lab bench or desktop. The fully automated four-wash cycle takes care of all the necessary steps for precise, thorough cell washing.

Sorvall CW2 Plus Cell Washer

– Features

  • Easy-to-read digital displays for simple, user-friendly operation
  • Complete automation for increased productivity
  • Brushless motor with sealed-in lubricated bearings
  • An integral rotor that carries 12 tubes
  • Corrosion-free plastic housing
  • Automatic alerts that indicate whether the saline level is low

Simple Test Procedure

Just insert the sample tubes, select the test parameters, and benefit from reliable results in minutes.

Users can simplify every step in cell washing with manual or automatic mode. In automatic mode, simply load the rotor with tubes and select up to four wash cycles. The microprocessor-controlled Sorvall CW2 Plus automatically does the rest, accurately and reliably.

In manual mode, the cell washer can also be used as an ordinary centrifuge, set to spin for any time up to 999 seconds. Using the agitate button, samples can be agitated for five seconds.

The catch basin can be easily removed and the rotor and rotating bowl lifted out, allowing easy access to clean the top half of the instrument. With fresh saline entering the tubes, the device eliminates cross-contamination. The unique decanting system removes all wash fluid centrifugally, and the deflector and catch basin prevents saline splash back, minimizing potential aerosol and corrosion problems.

The system allows interruption of the cycle at any time, so that users can check whether the system is functioning properly. You can check the fill level and look for good re-suspension, check the packing consistency of cell buttons, and check after the decant step that cells are retained and buttons are dry.

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