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Thermo Kit Buprenorphine MCC

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Thermo Kit Buprenorphine MCC
  1. Thermo Scientific
  2. Thermo Kit Buprenorphine MCC
  3. T-100240

An established lab equipment supplier in Bellport, New York, Block Scientific is also a leading supplier of quality drugs of abuse testing reagents, calibrators and controls. We supply Thermo Kit Buprenorphine MCC that offers applications for an array of clinical chemistry analyzers. This CEDIA™ Buprenorphine Drugs of Abuse Assays from Thermo Scientific meet this challenge by offering one of the most extensive menus for drugs of abuse testing and developing new assays to respond to ever-emerging drug screening needs.


  • Control Sets – CEDIA Buprenorphine Control Set
  • Description – CEDIA Buprenorphine Drugs of Abuse Assays
  • Detectable Analytes – Buprenorphine
  • DoA Calibrators – CEDIA Buprenorphine Calibrators
  • Quantity – 65mL
  • Size – MCC
  • Storage Requirements – 2° to 8°C

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