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test tube rack, 12 x 25 mm

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test tube rack, 12 x 25 mm
  1. boekel scientific
  2. test tube rack, 12 x 25 mm
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block scientific offers a broad selection of lab equipment and supplies from an extensive list of leading manufacturers. our products include a full line of test tube racks for water baths. you can choose from test tube racks ranging in size from 10 x 30mm tubes to 48 x 10mm tubes, from boekel scientific.

boekel scientific

test tube rack

this 12 x 25 mm test tube rack holds /supports test tubes containing chemicals for further operations.

for more information about the test tube rack, 12 x 25 mm and other new water bath models we offer, visit our online store. for your queries, call 631-589-1118 or send an e-mail to