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teco diagnosticsbased in anaheim, california, usa, teco diagnostics has become a worldwide leader in the medical diagnostic industry by offering innovative, high quality diagnostic tests and instruments. the company was established in 1985. since then, teco diagnostics has been manufacturing a full range of medical and clinical diagnostics for healthcare professionals.

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urine reagent strips

teco diagnostics urine reagent strips (urs) for urinalysis are firm plastic strips to which several different reagent areas are affixed. teco urine reagent strips provide tests for glucose, bilirubin, ketone (acetoacetic acid), specific gravity, blood, ph, protein, urobilinogen, nitrite, leukocytes, and ascorbic acid in urine. it yields clear and accurate results in a short time frame. results are obtained by direct comparison of the test strip with the color blocks printed on the bottle label. no calculations or laboratory instruments are required.


teco diagnostics products

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