Sysmex KX-21N Automated Hematology Analyzer

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Sysmex KX-21N Automated Hematology Analyzer

Manufacturer: Sysmex Corporation
Model: Sysmex KX-21N Automated
Product Code: SYSMEX-KX-21

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Sysmex KX-21N automated hematology analyzer offered at Block Scientific is an ideal analyzing system for clinical satellite lab or research testing with its simplified operations. This fully automated hematology analyzer can perform rapid and accurate analysis of 17 parameters that includes a 3-part WBC differential, histograms for RBC, PLT and WBC.

This compact product is also ideal as a backup analyzer for Sysmex 5 part differential systems. The KX-21N analyzer with a throughput capacity of 60 samples per hour can run the samples in whole blood mode and pre-dilute mode.

Features of

KX-21N Hematology Analyzer

  • Multi-language software
  • High level accuracy with automatic floating discriminators
  • Direct current detection method
  • Compact instrument ‘footprint’
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable reagents
  • Sample volume of whole blood mode- 50 µL and pre-dilute mode of 20 µL
  • Data storage of 300 complete sample results with histograms
  • Automatically performed daily maintenance at every start up and shut down
  • Suitable for use in central laboratories, emergency rooms, or physicians’ office laboratories

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