Sysmex K-1000 Hematology Analyzer

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Sysmex K-1000 Hematology Analyzer

Manufacturer: Sysmex Corporation
Model: K-1000
Product Code: SYSMEX-K-1000

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Block Scientific is a leading global provider of new and refurbished laboratory equipment. We can provide you with everything from centrifuges to hematology analyzers for a variety of laboratory applications.

Sysmex K-1000 Automated Hematology Analyzer

Sysmex K-1000, developed by Sysmex Corporation, is an automated hematology analyzer that measures parameters such as WBC, RBC, Hgb, Hct, MCV, MCH, MCHC, Plt, L%, L#, N%, N#, MXD%, MXD#, PDW, MPV, RDW-CV, and P-LCR. This K-1000 automated analyzer is very easy to operate and requires only small lab space.

Sysmex K-1000 with two sample modes: whole blood and prediluted, comes complete with a range of features such as comprehensive monitoring functions, superior diagnostic technology, a data flagging system and a quality control program. For ease of operation and efficiency, it includes clear liquid crystal display, keypad, and built in printer.

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