Summit S19R Refrigerator-Freezer

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Summit S19R Refrigerator-Freezer

Manufacturer: Summit Appliances
Model: S19R Refrigerator-Freezer
Product Code: S19R

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Achieve the required temperature control with our Summit S19R cube-sized refrigerator-freezer. A highly trusted laboratory equipment distributor, Block Scientific located in New York, supplies a wide range of refrigerators/freezers that meet all the specifications of the healthcare industry.

Summit Compact Refrigerator Freezer for Laboratories

The CFC free Summit S19R refrigerator-freezer, from the leading manufacturer Summit Appliances, is used in laboratories to store important materials that require a constant temperature. To increase the efficiency, this compact unit with locks has an adjustable thermostat, manual defrost facility and door storage for larger bottles. Options available along with this Summit refrigerator include battery powered alarm, external readout thermometer and side mounted lock.The S19R cube-sized refrigerator-freezer offers essential features such as:

  • Capacity: 1.7 cubic feet
  • Dimensions: 20 3/4″ × 19″ × 18″
  • Reversible door
  • U.L approved
  • Energy efficient design
  • Electric specification: 115 volt/60 Hz
  • Shipping weight: 65 lbs

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For more information on the Summit S19R cube-sized refrigerator-freezer and other cube sized refrigerator and freezer combos we stock, please browse our online store. Customer service support is available on phone at 631-589-1118 and by e-mail at