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summit professional bi541b-css built-in refrigerator-freezers

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summit professional bi541b-css built-in refrigerator-freezerssummit professional bi541b-css built-in refrigerator-freezers
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block scientific is a global supplier of high quality lab equipment for medical and research laboratories. we offer the summit professional bi541b-css built-in refrigerator-freezers that features advanced cooling technology.

the dual evaporator system cools the refrigerator cool while maintaining zero degrees in the freezer. the environmental-friendly bi541b-css combines an automatic defrost refrigerator with a manual defrost freezer. with a slim width under 24 inches, this built-in under-counter refrigerator freezer can fit into any tight space. it can also function freestanding.

features of bi541b-css

built-in refrigerator-freezer

  • adjustable glass shelves for flexible storage
  • professional towel bar handle
  • crisper drawer
  • interior light automatically illuminates when the door is opened
  • adjustable thermostat to manage the temperature with ease and accuracy
  • 100% cfc free

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