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Manufacturer: Summit Appliances
Model: BI540-SSTB Refrigerator-Freezer
Product Code: BI540-SSTB

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SUMMIT PROFESSIONAL BI540-SSTB is a large, under counter built-in refrigerator-freezer very much in demand. Block Scientific, being the leading supplier of unique laboratory equipment and appliances for numerous healthcare facilities, provides a variety of Bl540 series built-in refrigerator freezers in the US. The BI540SSTB model is one of the best built-in refrigerator freezer models manufactured by Summit Appliances.

Features of Summit BI540SSTB Refrigerator-Freezer

Stainless steel door with large bottle storage space, stainless steel towel handle bar, adjustable shelf and well-finished outer structure are some of the outstanding features of Summit PROFESSIONAL BI540SSTB built-in refrigerator-freezer provided at Block Scientific. With a capacity of 5.3 cu.ft and a width of 24”, this model is ideal for use in modern laboratories and health centers.

Other features of the Summit PROFESSIONAL BI540-SSTB built-in refrigerator-freezer include:

  • 110 lbs shipping weight
  • Interior lighting
  • Dual evaporator
  • Energy efficient design
  • Large zero degree freezer
  • Modifiable thermostat
  • 3 prong grounded chord
  • Cycle defrost
  • 100 % CFC free
  • White body color
  • U.L approved

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