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Felix Storch, Inc. was founded in 1969 and has been a leading supplier of compact, specialty, commercial, and medical refrigerators and freezers ever since. In the first year, they trademarked the SUMMIT® brand name to guarantee quality at the highest level. The headquarters is located at 770 Garrison Avenue in Bronx New York, since 1983.

Various Models of

Summit Refrigerators and Freezers

Today, Summit Appliance provides over 600 models of specialty refrigerators and freezers, including the largest range of fully automatic defrost compacts.

Block Scientific distributes Summit Appliance refrigerators and freezers.

Summit Built-in Refrigerator

Built in European style, Summit built-in refrigerator has one of the largest interiors in the industry, with an advanced cold wall (no exposed evaporator) design that allows larger trays to be easily stored, yet has shelves on the door for convenience. This model has a fan cooled compressor for built-in use and a stainless steel frame that accepts custom panels.

Summit Under-Counter Built-in All-Refrigerator

Summit under-counter built-in all-refrigerator can be used for virtually any application. Perfectly sized to fit under counters and in 24 inch spaces. Easily customizable with 8 door finish options.

Summit Counter Height Refrigerator

Summit counter height refrigerator – The industry’s largest selection, all with quality construction, a wide choice of sizes.

Summit Frost Free Freezer

Summit frost free freezer features a fully automatic fan forced frost-free cooling system and includes an adjustable thermostat, adjustable shelves and fan forced air circulation. This model is available in several colors.

Summit Auto Defrost Refrigerator-Freezers

These models are made in North America and have been in the Summit line for over 20 years with a record of outstanding reliability and quality. These can be upscaled by adding a wrapped stainless steel door, with or without a stainless steel towel bar handle.

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