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student pro led, 4 obj, abbe, iris, coaxial, built-in mech stg

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student pro led, 4 obj, abbe, iris, coaxial, built-in mech stg
  1. lw scientific
  2. edm-mm4a-dal3

block scientific, a leading supplier of premium quality laboratory equipment, offers the student pro led, an advanced educational microscope from industry leader lw scientific. rated a “professional grade” student microscope that does not compromise on the quality of observation, the student pro is ideal for use by teachers, students, or hobbyists.

educational microscope

with advanced features


  • standard monocular head
  • rotates 360°, bearing mounted
  • locked-in eyepiece(pointer installed)
  • field eyepiece -10x/18 wide


  • “true-mechanical stage”
  • stage size: 124mm x 115mm


  • four position nosepiece
  • din achromatic 4x, 40x, 10x (retractable)
  • color coded


  • heavy cast alloy
  • all metal gearing
  • reagent and acid resistant finish

adjustment controls

  • fine focus and coaxial coarse
  • adjustable stage stop


  • na 1.25 abbe condenser (moveable)
  • iris diaphragm
  • 110-240v (auto-switching)
  • variable led base

accessories listed out in product package

  • blue and green filters
  • filter holder
  • dust cover
  • spare bulb and fuse

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