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Stanbio Laboratory has been developing, manufacturing and distributing a complete line of quality clinical diagnostic products in the United States since 1960. Over the years, it has continued to provide the latest advancements in diagnostic technology. Stanbio has shown consistent growth while providing equipment and industry-leading quick testing supplies. They are headquartered in Boerne, Texas.

Stanbio Clinical Diagnostic Products

We Offer

Block Scientific provides Stanbio’s line of Microcuvettes.

HemoPoint H2 n.x.t Microcuvettes 2 x 50 Cuvettes

HemoPoint H2 n.x.t 2 x 50 Cuvettes Microcuvettes are available at Block Scientific. Microcuvettes specifications include: faster measuring time, simplified sample drawing, faster drawing of samples into cuvette, longer shelf life.

Features include

  • Faster measuring time
  • Simplified sample drawing
  • Minimizes risk of air bubbles
  • Faster drawing of samples into cuvette
  • Longer shelf life
  • Only 8ul blood sample
  • Worldwide patents pending
  • Excellent correlation with ICSH and NCCLS


For more information about products from Stanbio and other vendor products, browse our online store. For further assistance, contact Block Scientific via phone: 1-866-203-5777 or forward an e-mail to