Sorvall RC-5C Centrifuge

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Sorvall RC-5C Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Sorvall
Model: RC-5C
Product Code: SORVALL-RC-5C

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Do you wish to purchase new or refurbished laboratory equipment for immediate clinical use? Then approach Block Scientific. We are a leading company committed to providing you with a selection of quality centrifuges and other laboratory equipment. Sorvall RC-5C, a Sorvall (a division of DuPont) manufactured centrifuge, offers a unique blend of superior functionality, simple operation, excellent precision, and versatility needed for today’s laboratory settings.

Sorvall RC-5C Microprocessor Controlled Centrifuge

DuPont Sorvall RC-5C is a microprocessor controlled, super speed centrifuge with features such as thumblevers to control settings, omega squared dt calculation for run to run reproducibility, LED display of operating parameters, built-in automatic temperature calculation, brake, hold, timer, RCF mode for g force calculation, and auto rate control setting for density gradient work. The Sorvall centrifuge can achieve 21,000 rpm, with centrifugation forces of up to 51,427 x g.  This equipment has a total capacity of up to 4 litres.

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