Sorvall RC-3C Centrifuge

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Sorvall RC-3C Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Sorvall
Model: RC-3C
Product Code: SORVALL-RC-3C

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Block Scientific – a premier company specialized in the sale of new and refurbished laboratory equipment – is proud to offer a full line of Sorvall centrifuge products. Sorvall RC-3C, one of the leading quality centrifugal systems that we offer, is a low speed floor standing centrifuge developed by Sorvall (a division of Dupont). Long known for its quality and reliability, the Sorvall RC-3C is ideal for use in a clinical laboratory, a blood bank, a university, or an industrial setting.

Sorvall RC-3C

: Capabilities and Features

Featuring a large capacity and quiet operation, the device has speed capabilities up to 6000 rpm (maximum force 7277). Some of the features included in the Sorvall Centrifuge are built-in w2dt automated RCF determination, controlled deceleration, and extended service diagnostics, digital display for easy readout, thumbwheel controls, and timer: 99m59s/hold.

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