Sorvall RC-3B Centrifuge

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Sorvall RC-3B Centrifuge

Manufacturer: Sorvall
Model: RC-3B
Product Code: SORVALL-RC-3B

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Manufactured by Sorvall (a division of DuPont), Sorvall RC-3B is excellent for performing general purpose applications. You can purchase this centrifuge from us at Block Scientific, a premium facility supplying exceptional quality laboratory equipment including urine analyzers, coagulation analyzers, and a host of centrifugal systems at affordable rates.

DuPont Sorvall RC-3B Centrifuge

Sorvall RC-3B, which is an improved version of Sorvall RC-3, offers unsurpassed handiness, efficiency, and exceptional flexibility required in today’s lab test centers. DuPont Sorvall RC-3B featuring H6000 rotor and buckets (6 place x 1 liter), can reach up to a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm. Other notable features of the device are electrical circuit breaker, automatic shut-off, door interlock, refrigeration, timer, and dial controlled functions. This machine with its range of features provides exceptionally smooth and quiet operation.

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