Sorvall CW2 Cell Washer

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Sorvall CW2 Cell Washer

Manufacturer: Sorvall
Model: CW2
Product Code: SORVALL-CW2

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Based in the US, Block Scientific is a global company supplying a vast range of lab equipment from renowned brands. Sorvall CW2 is a compact and totally automated cell washer designed to offer a speedy 80-second wash cycle for stat testing.

Sorvall CW2

: Capabilities and Features

While offering maximum productivity and reliability, it provides easy operation at a maximum speed of 3600 rpm/1,200xG. This cell washing and centrifugation system includes specifications such as easy-to-operate touch controls, easy-to-see digital readouts, and standardized, reproducible procedures.

The features of Sorvall CW2 are, easy operation of automatic and manual modes, fast acceleration and quiet deceleration, flexibility of dual-speed manual mode for general cell pelleting, low-saline level detection warning system, 12 position stainless steel rotor, capability to perform Coombs test and other cell washing procedures, consistent microprocessor-controlled wash cycles for reproducible results, and low-maintenance brushless system with lifetime lubrication of all moving parts.

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