Benchmark Scientific Slide Dryer Attachment For 3 Slides

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Benchmark Scientific Slide Dryer Attachment For 3 Slides

Manufacturer: Benchmark Scientific
Model: Slide Dryer Attachment For 3 Slides
Product Code: CMP-BX7N-7701

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Block Scientific is one of the leading suppliers of laboratory equipment that offers new and refurbished equipment and supplies from renowned manufacturers in the industry. In our inventory, we carry sterilizers and other accessories from Benchmark Scientific.

Slide Dryer Attachment for 3 Slides we offer is an accessory to use with the BactiZapperâ„¢ Infrared Microsterilizer.

It is used to dry laboratory slides. The aluminum holder is attached to the Biomega BactiZapper micro sterilizer to dry up to 3 slides quickly and safely.

Slide Dryer Attachment

– Features

  • Slide dryer attachment
  • Use with the BactiZapperâ„¢ Infrared Microsterilizer
  • Holds 3 slides


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