Siemens RAPIDlab 1265

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Siemens RAPIDlab 1265

Manufacturer: Siemens
Model: RAPIDlab 1265
Product Code: RAPIDLAB-1265

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Block Scientific, your trusted supplier of quality laboratory equipment, now offers the RAPIDlab 1265 blood gas analyzer from industry leader Siemens. Block Scientific offers this product refurbished with 90 day parts warranty.

The RAPIDLab 1200 System is designed to enhance blood gas testing efficiency in the clinical laboratory and combines testing speed and reliability with low maintenance. These blood gas analyzers can meet all critical care testing requirements in various hospital settings or busy clinical labs.

Advanced Features of the

Siemens RAPIDlab 1265 System

  • Capable of running the full test menu on short-sample patient draws
  • Testing panels can be customized to meet specific needs
  • Parameter listing in RAPIDlab 1265 refurbished blood gas analyzers include blood gas (pH, pCO2, pO2), metabolites (Glucose, Lactate, Neonatal Total Bilirubin), electrolytes (Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl- ), and CO-oximetry (tHb, HHb, O2Hb, sO2, COHb, MetHb)
  • Instant access to patient results from networked POC analyzers
  • Intuitive touchscreen and automatic single sample port (syringe and capillary) speed up the testing process
  • Clot detection and clearance with biosafe automatic sampling system
  • Onboard automatic quality control cartridge requires no operator intervention during the 28-day use life
  • All reagents are contained in sealed cartridges for enhanced operator safety and low maintenance


  • Ultra-fast sample processing enables immediate doctor intervention
  • Unparalleled clinical parameter excellence – minimal repeat tests needed
  • Industry proven reliability through Ready Sensor electrode technology
  • Cost-effective, cartridge-based system
  • Automatic quality control and documentation
  • Seamless integration with your LIS/HIS
  • Simplified, safe operation with Biosafe sampling

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We offer dedicated technical support and service for RAPIDlab 1265 refurbished blood gas analyzers.