Siemens DPC Immulite One

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Siemens DPC Immulite One

Manufacturer: Siemens
Model: DPC Immulite One

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Looking for DPC Immulite One Immunoassay Analyzer? Then Block Scientific is the company you can trust. As a global clinical laboratory equipment dealer based in NY, we offer a range of lab equipment and consumables for your lab application needs.

DPC Immulite Analyzer

for Immunoassay Testing

Offering fully integrated operation, DPC Immulite One analyzer is greatly appreciated by clinicians and technicians. This bench top model utilizes enzyme-amplified chemiluminescent chemistry for detection of antibody or antigen.

The device offers simplicity, reliability, flexible platforms, expanded menu list and high performance features. With this device, rapid tests for cardiac biomarkers, infectious diseases, reproductive, thyroid, anemia function, diabetes, TDM, endocrinology, tumor markers, drugs of abuse, serology, allergy, and esoteric can be done in random access mode.

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