Siemens DCA Vantage

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Siemens DCA Vantage

Manufacturer: Siemens
Model: DCA Vantage
Product Code: 5075US

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A reputable global supplier of laboratory equipment based in New York, Block Scientific offers a wide range of quality instruments, reagents and consumables. Our collection of point-of-care analyzers features the Siemens DCA Vantage, a reliable diabetes system that delivers accurate clinically relevant HbA1c and A:C ratio results proven to improve decision-making, patient compliance, and treatment outcomes. This user-friendly device delivers lab-quality performance and is ideal to monitor glycemic control and detect early kidney disease in various environments such as the physician office and point-of-care coordinated sites in hospitals and multisite practices.

The DCA Vantage monitors glucose levels with unparalleled precision, accuracy and ease. It can detect HbA1c level from a small (1 µL) whole blood sample in 6 minutes and A:C Ratio from a urine specimen in 7 minutes. Self-contained cartridges facilitate easy, walk away operation after sample loading. Flexible result recording options and patient trending graphs greatly improve decision making.


  • Detects even minor changes in HbA1c level
  • Flexible and comprehensive patient data management
  • Wide range of quantitative tests
  • No sample or reagent preparation required
  • Automatically uploads results to a PC via a USB flash drive to reduce manual logging, thereby saving time
  • Convenient local storage of up to 4,000 onboard records with powerful sorting capabilities
  • Test format – self-contained immunoassay cartridges
  • Test measurement – automatic, optional transmission

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