Short Stem Funnels, 125 MM, Pack of 12

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Short Stem Funnels, 125 MM, Pack of 12

Manufacturer: United Scientific Supplies, Inc.
Model: Short Stem Funnels, 125 MM
Product Code: FHD125

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Block Scientific is one of the leading suppliers of laboratory equipment that offers Short Stem Funnels and other labware at affordable rates.

Short Stem Funnels

Made Of High Density Polyethylene

These powder funnels feature wide, short stems. The 125 mm sizes are made of high density polyethylene.

  • Great for use in labs
  • Feature wide, short stems
  • Made of high density polyethylene
  • 125 MM, Pack of 12

To order the short stem funnels, 125 MM, Pack of 12 or other models of short stem funnels we carry, you can visit our user-friendly online store. If you have any product queries, please do contact us at 631-589-1118 or