Shake ‘N’ Bake – Shaking Incubator, 230V

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Shake 'N' Bake - Shaking Incubator, 230V

Manufacturer: Boekel Scientific
Model: Shake ‘N’ Bake – Shaking Incubator, 230V
Product Code: 136400-2

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Shaking Incubator

for a Variety of Applications

At Block Scientific, you can find a wide collection of new and refurbished laboratory equipment from leading manufacturers in the industry. The equipment can be used for medical, healthcare, scientific, and research applications. We now offer the compact Shake ‘N’ Bake Shaking Incubator, 230V, manufactured by Boekel Scientific, at economical prices.

Boekel Shake ‘N’ Bake Shaking Incubator, 230V, can be used for carrying out hybridization, conventional incubation, and wash procedures. The shelves incorporated in this laboratory incubator provide gentle up and down movements needed for hybridization and wash procedures, with plastic containers and dishes, cell culture bags, and heat sealed bags. These models of Boekel incubators can carry out traditional incubation with or without the shaking process.

See-Thru Door, Convenient Temperature Adjustment

Shake ‘N’ Bake Boekel Incubator, 230V is a wonderful choice for performing hybridization, wash procedures, and conventional incubation. The shelves in these incubators provide a gentle up and down movement which is favorable for hybridization and wash procedures with plastic containers and dishes, heat sealed bags, and cell culture bags. The equipment can carry out conventional incubation with or without shaking movements.

The major features of Shake ‘N’ Bake Shaking Incubator, 230V include:

  • Digital temperature adjustment facility and display
  • 230 volt/50-60 Hz
  • 0.7 cu. ft chamber volume
  • See-thru door
  • Stability around ±0.5°C at 65°C

Shake ‘N’ Bake Shaking Incubators, 230V, are designed with chamber dimensions 11-1/2 x 11-1/2 x 10-1/2 in inches, and with 29.2 x 29.2 x 26.7 width, dimension, and height respectively, in cms. These models of compact incubators are also provided with a PID controller for speedy heating-up as well as for maintaining greater temperature consistency.

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