Separatory Funnels, 500 MM, Pack of 1

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Separatory Funnels, 500 MM, Pack of 1

Manufacturer: United Scientific Supplies, Inc.
Model: Separatory Funnels, 500 MM
Product Code: 81203

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Block Scientific is your reliable source for buying Seperatory Funnels from United Scientific Supplies. As an established in the lab equipment industry, we provide a wide range of lab equipment supplies to meet the varied lab applications. Our product line features a Separatory funnels in varied sizes. One of the available models is 500 MM, Seperatory Funnels.

Separatory Funnels

at Great Prices

Ensuring excellent clarity and strength, this pear-shaped polypropylene separating funnel has a leakproof threaded screw cap. The polypropylene stopcock, which is fitted with a self-lubricating PTFE plug is push-fitted to the stem of the funnel. Not graduated.

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