Separatory Funnels, 250 MM

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Separatory Funnels, 250 MM

Manufacturer: United Scientific Supplies, Inc.
Model: Separatory Funnels, 250 MM
Product Code: 81202

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Need Separatory Funnels from United Scientific Supplies, Inc.,then Block Scientific has it all. A leading lab equipment supplier in the US, Block Scientific offers Separatory funnels of varied sizes. The 250 MM Separatory funnels we offer are a great choice for use in chemistry labs.


Polypropylene Lab Funnel

This pear-shaped polypropylene funnel provides excellent clarity and strength. It features a leakproof threaded screw cap. The polypropylene stopcock, fitted with a self-lubricating PTFE plug, is push-fitted to the stem of the funnel.

  • Pear-shaped polypropylene separating funnel
  • Excellent clarity and strength
  • Leakproof threaded screw cap
  • Not graduated

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