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sell your lab equipment

sell your lab equipment

Block Scientific is your one-stop destination to sell your additional or used medical lab equipment. we are always looking to expand our inventory of medical equipment with new and used models. you can benefit from excellent resale value for your old laboratory equipment at block scientific.

Careful Scrutiny and Repair Services to Ensure Quality Products

As a prominent Medical Equipment supplier in the us, we take pride in providing quality products and services. we ensure that the products we supply adhere to strict quality control standards before they are placed in the store for sale.

When you sell us your Lab Equipment, our trained engineers will promptly inspect them and pass them through different stages of refurbishment to maximize their resale value. after they are replaced, repaired and reassembled, the instruments will be tested in our quality control departments so that they are fully fit for sale.

Block Scientific also offers extended warranties, service contracts, time and material service visits, and in-house service. once we pick-up your equipment we will:

  • Upgrade the medical equipment 
  • Re-certify with 90 day parts warranty
  • Provide reagents, controls, and consumables
  • Offer service contracts
  • Offer fair market prices for the equipment we purchase 
Contact us if you have Lab Equipment to sell

If you have any additional equipment for sale, and would like to sell your lab equipment to block scientific, please feel free to reach us by phone 1-866-203-5777 (toll free) or 631-589-1118 or by email at info@blockscientific.com.