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seal kit ovation 2ul

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seal kit ovation 2ul
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  2. seal kit ovation 2ul
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block scientific, a reputable u.s.-based supplier of laboratory equipment, offers an extensive range of competitively priced instruments and accessories to meet the growing needs of clinical and research laboratories. we offer the brand new seal kit for ovation 2ul from lab equipment manufacturer vistalab technologies with manufacturer warranty.

features of the

seal kit

for ovation 0.2-2µl (adjustable) and ovation 1µl & 2µl (fixed)

this ovation seal kit for pipettes comes with liquid-blocking nozzle, filter and nozzle seal. each seal kit contains lubricant, allen wrench, seals and instructions.

the replacement nozzle features an internal aerosol/liquid barrier filter that prevents liquid from being sucked into the pipette. the pipette will not aspirate fluid if this filter becomes wet and a new filter or replacement nozzle will have to be installed. a variety of options are available to accomplish this.

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for more information on the seal kit for ovation 0.2-2µl and other ovation maintenance parts we offer, contact us at 631-589-1118 or write to visit our online store, to explore our comprehensive inventory of lab equipment.