Schistosoma IgG, 96 wells

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Schistosoma IgG, 96 wells

Manufacturer: DRG International Inc.
Model: Schistosoma IgG, 96 wells
Product Code: EIA3512

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Block Scientific offers Schistosoma IgG, 96 wells as well as other kinds of infectious disease kits from the well known manufacturer – DRG International Inc. We are one of the prominent lab equipment dealers in the US, supplying brand name products from reliable manufacturers in the industry.

Enzyme Immunoassay Kit

– Quality Product

The DRG Schistosoma IgG, 96 wells is a quality assay. It provides materials for the qualitative determination of serum antibodies in humans, primarily IgG, to Schistosoma spp. using the ELISA technique.


During the first incubation, the antibodies in the patients’ serum bind to the antigens in the test well. The next incubation allows the enzyme complex to bind to the antigen-antibody complex. After a few washings to remove unbound enzymes, a substrate is added that develops a blue color in the presence of the enzyme complex and peroxide. The stop solution ends the reaction, turning the blue assay color to yellow.


  • Reagents – enzyme conjugate, test strips, chromogen, positive control, negative control, chromogen, dilution buffer, wash concentrate (20X), stop solution
  • Storage – Reagents, strips and bottled components can be stored between 2-8 °C

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