Round Base Measuring Cylinders, 100 ML, Pack of 12

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Round Base Measuring Cylinders, 100 ML, Pack of 12

Manufacturer: United Scientific Supplies, Inc.
Model: Round Base Measuring Cylinders, 100 ML
Product Code: CP0100

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Block Scientific specializes in providing lab equipment and supplies to meet the diverse lab applications. We provide a wide range of products and our business is to bring customer maximum satisfaction. The products are available from leading manufacturers in the industry. Our online store features a wide range of measuring cylinders in varied sizes.

Measuring Cylinders

for Lab Use

100 ML Round Base Measuring Cylinders are molded as one-piece in polypropylene. These autoclavable cylinders have raised prominent graduations for easy reading and have excellent contact clarity. The broad round base provides good stability.

  • Molded as one-piece in polypropylene
  • Excellent contact clarity
  • Good stability
  • Pack of 12

For more information about our Round Base Measuring Cylinders, 100 ML, and other round base measuring cylinders we provide, please visit our online store. We are also available for your support at or call us at 631-589-1118.