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roto-shake genie, 230v w/o plug

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roto-shake genie, 230v w/o plug
  1. scientific industries
  2. roto-shake genie, 230v w/o plug
  3. si-1101

with a number of value-added features incorporated in its design, roto-shake genie, 230v w/o plug is a quality product sold at block scientific, suitable for use in labs. we also stock an extensive range of brand name laboratory products programmed to meet various scientific research requirements.

roto-shake-genie – all-in-one rotator/rocker

the roto-shake genie, 230v w/o plug is designed as an all-in-one rotator/rocker, by the manufacturer, scientific industries. the magnetic stainless steel platform and clip plate system is capable of holding containers of any sort, in any angle. this unit maintains a speed between 0-380c, and is ideal for incubators and cold rooms. its 12 x 12 in. (300 x 300mm) rocking tray has the capacity to accommodate large containers.

given below are the specifications of the roto-shake genie, 230v w/o plug:

  • rotating: 5-35 rpm
  • rocking: 10-70 cycles per minute
  • rocking angle: ±10 degrees from horizontal
  • dimensions: 252 x 508 x 267mm (d x w x h)

      (9.9 x 20 x 10.5in)

  • depth with rocker tray – 305mm (12in)
  • platform capacity: 4.5 kg (10 lb)
  • weight: 11.8 kg (26 lb)
  • environmental: “installation category 2”

      0-38°c (32-100°f)

  • 95% maximum relative humidity
  • warranty: 2 year manufacturer warranty

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