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rotator – variable speed, digital timer and tachometer

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rotator - variable speed, digital timer and tachometer
  1. lw scientific
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a reliable laboratory equipment supplier, block scientific offers a wide array of quality lab instruments, reagents and consumables at competitive prices. the digital rotator by lw scientific is designed to assure years of dependable service even in the most demanding laboratory setting.

features of the

lw scientific digital rotator

lw scientific digital rotator is widely used in procedures that need constant or timed mixing such as vdrl, rpr, and latex tests as well as procedures that need a non-standard speed.

  • stable and quiet operation
  • clear humidity tray
  • variable speed and timer control
  • capability to operate continuously
  • space saving design

technical specifications

  • speed: 20-240rpm
  • timer: 99 hours and 99 minute digital timer
  • power supply: ac 110v 60hz, (220v 50/60hz available)
  • load capacity: 4.4lbs at 20-150rpm
  • 2.2lbs at 151-240rpm
  • platform: 9 x 9in (230 x 230mm)
  • orbit diameter: 0.8in
  • weight: 8.6 lbs (3.9kgs)
  • width: 10in
  • depth: 12in
  • height: 5.5in

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to know more about the lw scientific digital rotator or other mixers/rotators/shakers we carry, visit our online store. for purchase queries, call 631-589-1118 or write to