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roche reflotron plus

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roche reflotron plus
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block scientific, a leading global supplier of laboratory equipment, offers a wide range of quality chemistry analyzers. our inventory features the new roche reflotron plus with manufacturer’s warranty.

the reflotron plus is an easy-to-use, desktop-based chemical analyzer from roche diagnostics. this fully connected single test system permits the quantification of 17 factors from whole blood (capillary and venous) plasma or serum – including liver and pancreas enzymes, metabolites, blood lipids, hemoglobin and potassium.


reflotron plus

– featured for superior performance

  • user guidance through display provides for easy and quick operation
  • as most tests can be stored at room temperature, workload is reduced
  • test results are displayed within two to three minutes
  • provides quantification of a wide range of parameters and sample materials
  • short warm-up time, fast start from stand-by mode
  • barcode reader and/or keyboard for patient and sample id input
  • immediate automated documentation of results as a print-out or online

technical specifications

  • measuring principle – reflectance measurement based on the color change in the test strips
  • dimensions – approx. 300 x 350 x 210 mm
  • weight – approx. 5.3 kg
  • display – alphanumeric with 2 lines of 24 characters each
  • power supply – 115 – 230 v ac (± 22 %); frequency: 47 hz to 63 hz, optional battery operation (10-30 v direct current, e.g. from a car battery)
  • time to result – approx. 2-3 minutes/up to 25 tests per hour
  • integrated software – ldl calculation, chol/hdl ratio, cardiac risk calculator, creatinine clearance
  • process control – text messages will display to guide the user and the system has automatic monitoring of over 50 functions and it is provided with country-specific language selection
  • storage of patient data – it has non-volatile storage and can store up to 60 measurement results including date, time and patient/sample identification

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reagents, controls, and consumables and service contracts for the roche refletron plus may be available at block scientific. for more information on this product or the other new chemistry analyzers we offer, visit our online store. for queries, call 631-589-1118 or write to