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roche reflotron

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bmd reflotron
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bmd reflotron – easy to use and affordable

block scientific is the best place you can rely on, when you require new and refurbished bmd reflotron and other laboratory equipment. biomedica diagnostics inc launched this easy to use and affordable bmd reflotron immunoassay product for performing rapid diagnostics in smaller clinical settings.

utilizing the principles of reflectance photometry and reagent strip technology, the analyzer is used to measure the different types of chemical components in blood. biomedica diagnostics reflotron with more test capabilities can accept whole blood, serum or plasma for analysis. you can receive quick test, with results within two to three minutes. it is not necessary to reset the instrument for new tests. this is because all the information required for new tests is encoded in the magnetic tape at the bottom of the reagent tab.

specifications of bmd reflotron model

some of the specifications of the bmd reflotron model are automatic compensation, rockwell 6502 microprocessor, 20 k bytes of rom, light detectors, two photodiodes, and 16-character self-illuminating alphanumeric display.

for more information on the bmd reflotron analyzer and other refurbished chemistry analyzers that we carry, please feel free to browse our online store. we are available by phone at 631-589-1118 and by e-mail at